Unlock Your Genetic Blueprint for Better Health

Introducing 3P Genome Testing

A Revolutionary Test by DrKure Smart Clinic in association with mapmygenome that effectively predicts any future health threats

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Explore the Future of Personalized Healthcare

Watch our video to learn more about how 3P Genome Testing can revolutionize your approach to healthcare. Discover how understanding your DNA can empower you to live a healthier, happier life.

Simplifying Your Path to Personalized Health

Our straightforward, non-invasive process unlocks the secrets held in your DNA, providing tailored insights into your health. Here’s a quick overview

Discoveries Awaiting with 3P Genome Testing

protective | proactive | Personalized

Unlock vital health insights across more than 200 markers:

  • Risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and cancers
  • Food and drug sensitivities
  • Optimal treatments tailored to your genetic makeup
  • Proactive health risk management

Streamlined Testing, Clear Insights!

Our testing is free from needles and complex steps. A simple cheek swab is all it takes to embark on your journey to better health. Our reports are designed for clarity, making it easy for you to understand and act on your genetic insights. Check the sample reports and list of outcomes from our tests

User's Feedback

Learning about my genetic risk for heart disease was a wake-up call. Thanks to 3P Genome Testing, I've adopted a healthier lifestyle that has significantly improved my well-being

Rashmi Patel

The detailed insights from my genome test were astonishing—it’s like a health roadmap crafted just for me!

Siddharth Sharma

Understanding our family's genetic health risks has given me the knowledge to protect and optimize our future well-being

Priya Singh
    3P Genome Testing in association with